Just cause it’s wednesday, yuppp.. 

Just cause it’s wednesday, yuppp.. 

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It’s almost as though Anthony Lewis love for music is ingrained in him; his love of art, somewhat hereditary. His parents were stage performers who could both sing and act. And it is apparent that neither the rhythm, nor the beat, missed Lewis.

Born in Los Angeles, CA, Lewis first realized his vocal potential at age 6. Though he shared his talent in church, singing remained a personal hobby until he and his sister took to YouTube. As interest piqued among viewers, so did Lewis’ desire to pursue his gift. And his strides are apparent. While singing for producer Donnie Scantz, he impressed industry veteran, Garnett March, and was soon signed to The Chemists. The rest is history-in-the-making as he prepares his debut album and single. With influences ranging from Chris Brown and Justin Timberlake to Michael Jackson, Lewis wants his sound and content to reflect his reality. By delving into and remaining true to his experiences as a teen, he hopes to create timeless music. And it’s exactly what he is meant to do.

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